Thursday, December 20, 2012

Children of Invention, Together Again

Here's a nice Filmmaker Magazine piece by Kishori Rajan about Tze Chun's forthcoming thriller, EYE OF WINTER (update: now called "COLD COMES THE NIGHT"), which I produced. It was great to work with good ol' Chundance again!


Second-Time Director: Tze Chun and Eye of Winter

Tze Chun on set

At Filmmaker we continuously cover the struggles of first-time directors to make their debut pictures. But the second film comes with its own set of unique challenges, issues that will be explored in this five-part series by Kishori Rajan. Below is the first installment, chronicling Filmmaker 25 New Face Tze Chun’s move from the microbudget character drama Children of Invention to a thriller with stars like Bryan Cranston. Look for further articles in the weeks ahead. — SM
The late producer Laura Ziskin once remarked that movies “aren’t made, but forced into existence,” an expression never more apt than when talking about a director and his first feature film. Producing a movie on a micro budget – an arguably necessary move for the risky first feature – is an aggressively scrappy process, one that turns Kickstarter donations into funding, parents’ living rooms into sets, and producers into impromptu PAs.

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