Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Me Me Me

I recently did a very long 6-part interview with The Black List's Go Into the Story blog. Check it out if you can. Perhaps you will find something useful, or at least amusing, in it. If not, I am sorry.

Part 1: “I’ve probably known since 7th grade that I wanted to produce films. Growing up in New York and seeing movie sets in the street all the time, I was always fascinated by how that whole circus of crew, cast, lights, and trucks got assembled.”

Part 2: “Put yourself in other people’s shoes to figure out how to negotiate with them. Poverty breeds creativity. Try not to let them see you sweat. Feed your crew well. Don’t produce and AD at the same time. Guard the truck!”

Part 3: “I only take on projects that I’d be willing to lose sleep and nutrition for, and that I’d be proud to put my name on.”

Part 4: “So it behooves you to not put all your eggs in one basket, to make films back-to-back or even simultaneously. It’s an insane way to live. No indie film producers actually sleep.”

Part 5: “The next person who sends me an immigrant drama or microbudget Mumblecore comedy will get it chucked back in their face! (Unless, of course, it happens to be brilliant.)”

Part 6: “As a producer, I look for characters that great actors would want to play because the vast majority of indie films are still financed by way of cast attachments.”

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Cold Comes the Night" Premieres in the UK!

The crime thriller I produced, Tze Chun's "Cold Comes the Night" starring Alice Eve, Logan Marshall-Green, and Bryan Cranston, made its world premiere across UK theaters yesterday! 

Check out the reviews, the trailer, and our Twitter and Facebook page. And if you live in the UK, buy tickets!

We'll also be doing some sneak previews at regional film festivals ahead of the film's US premiere--stay tuned for more info.

We're all very proud of this film, and would be grateful if you helped spread the word about it. Thanks!