Monday, November 23, 2015

Roundup of My Most Recent Producing Advice and Musings on the Film Industry

Below is a list of some recent interviews I did and articles that contain producing advice and my various musings about the current state of the film industry. Thanks for reading/listening!

Behind the Brilliance Podcast | "Interview with Mynette Louie" (11/19/15)

Vulture | "100 Women Directors: Actors, Producers, and Twitter Users Suggest Even More Names" (11/3/15)

Indiewire | "Effie Brown on the Upside of the 'Project Greenlight' Controversy and Why Diversity is Suddenly a Hot Topic" (10/26/15)

The Hollywood Reporter | "Effie Brown Talks 'Project Greenlight' Diversity Snafus: 'Black Twitter Is Real'" (10/24/15)

Variety | "Effie Brown: ‘Project Greenlight’ Flap Has Driven Industry Conversation About Diversity" (10/24/15)

Bloomberg TV | VIDEO: "Gamechanger Films President Mynette Louie on The Hollywood Pay Gap" (10/16/15)

New York Film Festival 2015 Panel Podcast: New Hollywood? | Mynette Louie + Effie T. Brown, Ira Deutchman, Mark Harris, Susan Lewis, Rose McGowan, Lydia Dean Pilcher, mod. by Eugene Hernandez (10/7/15)

Gawker (sponsored by Wild Turkey) | "How This Film Producer Is Changing a Male-Dominated Industry" (10/7/15)

Gawker (sponsored by Wild Turkey) | "Let This Upstart Film Financier Teach You How to Make Your Voice Heard" (10/9/15)

The Mary Sue | "Gamechanger’s Mynette Louie on Changing Hollywood from the Inside Out" (6/2/15)

The Women Take Over | “Interview with Mynette Louie: President, Gamechanger Films” (7/9/14)

Crain's New York Business | “A Gamechanger for film biz” (1/19/14)

Indiewire Women & Hollywood | "Sundance Women Producers: Meet Mynette Louie" (1/19/14)

IONCINEMA | "2014 Sundance “Trading Cards” Series: #24. Mynette Louie (Land Ho!)" (1/16/14)